FaceApp Download For Android, iOS, Windows – Latest Faceapp APK File

Faceapp Download For Android, ios, windows: Face changer app download and Install Faceapp From Android Playstore & Apple itunes. Its a Neural face transformation Filtres. We can Modify and Transform picture one into another transformation with styles from Below.

FaceApp Download For Android, iOS, Windows – Latest Faceapp APK File

Faceapp is an incredible app that allows the users to modify pictures in required fashion. This app is newly introduced for Android, IOS and Windows gadgets. This application is easy to download and use. Faceapp is specially designed to make the changes to make the normal pictures to smiling ones, to meet the future self by changing the age of the picture, to appear younger by clearing off the wrinkles and scars, and last but not least, it allows changing the gender of the face with same features. Faceapp is an incredible app packed with huge advantages and utilities. Faceapp was Released on 17th February, 2017 and in 5 days 5 lakh Installs completed in playstore.

Faceapp download

The Faceapp is developed by Wireless Lab. This amazing app do not require a single penny to download. It is free to download and install. The Latest version of Faceapp is 1.0.177v. The Faceapp supports Android, IOS and Windows operating systems. Users can effortlessly download this app from Google Playstor, Apple istore and Windows store. Users can even contact the developer through the email id ‘support@faceapp.io’ for any queries, suggestions or help. The Faceapp is basically an Android app, now it is also accessible for IOS and Windows too. Faceapp was initiated on 17th February, in short span this app has grabbed the attention of a large number of users Downloads. As of now approximately 5 million people are using. Let us get more into the details.

Faceapp Features & Benefits

  1. With the help of Faceapp the normal pictures can be added with beautiful smile
  2. Check how you will look in your old age by uploading your young picture
  3. If you are older and wishing go past to see yourself young, that is also possible with Faceapp
  4. Girl’s picture can be changed to a boy picture and boy’s picture can even be changed to girl’s picture. It is the absolute fun to change the gender.
  5. Along with these effects users can also take selfies, adjust the contrast, brightness and other settings.
  6. Users can select various themes like college, hot, original, smile etc and apply them to the pictures to transform them.

FaceApp Review – A Selfie Transformer

The app’s main purpose is to transform your average looking selfies into something more. Using the app’s filters you can add a smile to your face, make yourself look younger or older, create a collage and change your gender, if it tickles your fancy!

To do that you simply take a fresh selfie of yourself, or upload one you already have in your phone gallery to app’s servers. Once that’s done, you can choose from a number of filters available on the screen.

Currently there are only a handful of filters available. I checked out all the effects and the one that impressed me the most was the one that made you look older.

Faceapp Technical Information

Name of the App  Faceapp
Offered By  Wireless Lab
Updated  February 17, 2017
Requires Android  4.4 and up
Current Version  1.0.177
App Rating  Rated for 3+
No of users  5 lakh (approximately)

Faceapp Modes/ Modifications – How to Change Style in Faceapp ?

There are Many Members worrying about How to Use Faceapp in Mobile? & How to Modify picture in Faceapp? So, Don’t worry We have Prepared full guide and published below.

Gender Change

The Faceapp progressively works on gender change of a picture. Altering the picture from one gender to another gender is quite a difficult task to do. But this Faceapp can perform gender change effortlessly using the Artificial Intelligence program installed in it.

change gender

Bring the Smile into Picture

Mashing up features is a challenge. So, if you want a smiley picture in place of a regular picture you can easily get it with the Faceapp.

make them smile

Check Yourself in Old Age

How do we look in our old age? This is the silly yet interesting question that everyone comes across. With this Faceapp photo altering app you can increase age of a picture to older year.

meet your future self

Older to younger look

This is an awesome feature of Faceapp to change a face to look elegant. Using its Artificial intelligence program the Faceapp converts a picture to look like younger image. It is awesome experience to have.

look younger

Download Faceapp Applicatin For Android, iphone (iOS) & Windows Phones

Users willing to download the Faceapp for Windows / IOS/ Android can get the app from the Faceapp official website https://faceapp.io. Also the Faceapp is accessible to download at Google Playstore for Android users, Appstore for IOS users and Windows store for Windows users. Here the complete Faceapp Downloading Process is given, Check the process and download Faceapp – Enjoy!

Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence in just one tap

  • Add beautiful smile
  • Get younger or older
  • Become more attractive
  • Change gender

How To Download Faceapp for Android Mobiles?

1. Visit Google Playstore

faceapp download for android

2. Search for “Faceapp

3. Click on the App and click on ‘Install’ button.

4. The App will be downloaded and installed in your gadget application.

5. Click on ‘Open’ button after installation to use this app to have unlimited fun.

Steps for How to Download Faceapp for iOS / iPhone / iPAD

1. Visit Apple itunes Appstore or

Caption: FaceApp: Free Neural Face Transformations

faceapp download for ios

2. Search for “Faceapp

3. Click on the App and click on ‘GET’ button.

4. The App will be downloaded and installed in your gadget.

5. Click on ‘Open’ button after installation.

How To Download Faceapp for Windows Phones ?

  1. Visit Windows Store
  2. Search for Faceapp
  3. Click on the App and click on ‘Download’ button.
  4. The App will be downloaded and installed in your gadget.
  5. You can use the app after it has been downloaded and installed into your gadget.

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